Little legal helper with your things to do

Nowadays we are living in the multitasking world and everyday task list for average person exceed 10-20 points long time ago. And it’s much easier to remember about major important tasks, but numerous of small things that also required to be done constantly fly out of head.

That is the reason why many of us use these cute magnetic notepads for refrigerator, diary with calendar pages and task lists etc. But how to do it much easier and more comfortable?

Keep up with the time

There is an electronic era around us, so almost everything that we need we can get by using laptop or even cellphone. It is also applies to task lists, or how many of us call them now “online taskers”.

Significant variety

If you google it right now you will find numerous application from numerous founders. Most of functions in all of these online taskers are the same or pretty similar, but every founder tried to include some unique features to his product.

Devise matter?

No matter what devise do you use, there are online taskers for Android, iOS, Windows and applications that work with any software.

Sort them all!

If you have many tasks it is conveniently to sort them into groups, for example “work tasks”, “shopping list for the week”, “preparation for mother’s birthday party” etc. Also you can sort tasks in levels, from example:

  • group – “preparation for mother’s birthday party”;
  • subgroup level 1 – “choose the restaurant”;
  • subgroup level 2 – “call to Chicken & Brothers and make an appointment”.


Share your tasks

Do you want to add someone to your task list or just share it? It’s possible also and suits for couples or families with mutual tasks, as well as for colleagues who worked in one project team. Also you can share different groups of tasks with different people, for example you can share group “work tasks” with your colleague and at the same time share group “shopping list for the week” with your soulmate.


Online taskers provide different types of notification: from email to alarm ring. Applications can show you tasks for present day and overdue tasks from previous days every morning with your alarm clock ring.

Many IT specialist working every day to make our lives easier, so I see no reason to not using them. Especially when it is about task lists, because our memory needs a reliable assistant in order to do everything in time in this multitasking world.