Still looking for online list maker?

Here is some suggestion that might be useful.

The need to use task lists is obvious. Times when your task list for the day was limited to ” to kill a mammoth” and “do not let the fire go out” in a long-forgotten past. Nowadays the number of tasks per day exceed the quality which can be easily remembered.

From numerous of various application that provide function to create task lists, let’s talk about the one which is pretty well known and totally free. The name of this app – Wunderlist.

What is it?

Wunderlist has many of the same options that make online list makers great, especially notable are next: easy method of setting up new tasks, simple collaboration between users, and the ability to assign tasks to specific groups.

Wunderlist provide users with ability to add and check off tasks, sub-tasks, add a due date or even reminders, organize lists into folders and insert more items, filter tasks and keep track of your schedule.

In Wunderlist you can create a task list and share it with your family or colleagues when you take a part at the same activity. When a task is done, either person can check it off as completed, letting the others know.

What… totally free app?

Today most of modern application have free account with so significant limitations, that you can use it only to check interface and design of the app. And for full use of application features you have to pay for premium account monthly.

At the same time Wunderlist has done away with its premium option and make all of the features available for free.

In 2015 Wunderlist’s number of users exceed 13 million. Same year Microsoft has acquired the company and announced that company will be focusing on it wholeheartedly. But in 2017 Microsoft has put on the market its new To-Do application, a new multi-platform app developed by the Wunderlist team that has direct integration with the company’s Office 365 service. So the future of Wunderlist is uncertain, but you still can check this unique application and enjoy all of its benefits.