How to safe your time with an app?

If we are talking about to-do list applications, we can’t pass by the product of long-term leader on the market of computer development and information technologies – Microsoft and its To-Do application.

Successor of Wunderlist

To-Do application was created in 2017 by Wunderlist team after Microsoft bought the company back in 2015. Wunderlist was one of the leader on the to-do list app market and more than 13 million users are confirming this thesis.

Wunderlist team that has direct integration with the company’s Office 365 service, saved all the long-loved functions and add new features.

To-Do philosophy

Microsoft To-Do differs from other similar applications by focusing on My Day. The creators adhere to the neat and fuss-free philosophy on life, they believe that users start each day with a clean slate and every morning write down what they really want to get achieved that day. In that way creators aims to make users really focus on the here-and-now.

But what if I prefer to plan ahead?

At the same time, because of understanding variety of users’ preferences To-Do allows to planning ahead. And to help with it To-Do even add special smart suggestion tool that will suggest tasks for users based on previous record.

Integration with Microsoft world

Taking into account that To-Do not existing in vacuum, but is a part of the great world of Microsoft’ products, one of the features is integration with this world.

Application completely integrates with Office 365, can import tasks from Outlook and fully compatible with Windows 10.

And it’s all for free!

Yes, you heard everything right. This thing is hard to believe in, but Microsoft company continue Wunderlist’ tradition and make To-Do application totally free. No limitation, no restriction, you can use all the features once you instal app on your devise.

Can I use it on my Apples’ devise?

This is a frequent question from iPhone, iPad and other Apples’ devises users. And the answer is yes, To-Do from Microsoft is fully compatible with iOS software.

So if you still thinking which to-do application to choose, feel free to check Microsoft To-Do out and use all of the features that creators built in.