Top Coffee Tables for a Modern Living Room

Coffee tables are both functional and decorative. You can use them to improve the appeal of your living room furniture and interior space. They also come in handy when you need a surface to use in the living room such as hosting a few friends to a cup of tea in the evening.

Whichever way you use your coffee tables, there’s one out there for you. However, it’s important to know some of the types of coffee tables on the market to make an informed buying decision for your home. The following are 4 coffee tables to consider:

Top 4 Coffee Tables for Modern Interiors

  • Kenton Coffee Table

Kenton Coffee Table comes in a seamlessly blending function and form. It can also offer plenty of storage without interfering with its appealing, streamlined body. The inexpensive quality furniture is made from composite wood frame which features one open shelf.

It also has two basket drawers with a metal handle on the shelf. The storage is perfect for keeping your kids’ extra blankets or toys away from the carpet. Roll out an over-dyed rug and arrange a sofa made of button-tufted linen around it for a trendy living room.

Add a club chair around a patterned coffee table in a geometric pattern. You can also top it up with weathered iron, coasters or even coral remotes. Use a polished brass vase with freshly cut lilies for an eye-catching masterpiece on the table.

The coffee table is simple, but comes in a stylish design suitable for use in any room, not just the living room. It could also be a great desk for kids to use to work on their handcrafts. It comes with a warranty of 2 years, two drawers and one shelf.

  • Brode Coffee Table

Brode Coffee Table will leave your room with a dash of contemporary charm. The inexpensive furniture has many storage parts, making its streamlined body appealing. It has a blending form and function that’s seamless in nature. The open shelves are made of composite wood frames where you can store any gadget, magazines or newspapers.

Display portraits from your best experiences on the table to give it a personal touch. Its wooden legs give a robust look that could complement your den or living room. Once bought, an assembly is required. The table has a warranty of 90 days and comes packed with three shelves.

  • Seguin Coffee table

Seguin Coffee Table is simple, but luxurious. It offers a sense of elegance with a great functionality within your living room. It is made of a metal painted base with a polished marble top and a smooth finish. The durable yet cheap furniture can charm your interior space, making it ore elegant.

It is designed with a base of stylish y-leg and given two-tone finish to blend into homes with elegant modern designs. An assembly is required before use and it has a warranty of 30 days.

  • Lakewood Coffee table

Lakewood Coffee Table is designed to add life to your living room. The living room furniture not only anchors your room’s space, but also stages display. It comes in a simple, round shape and features four straight legs and a tempered glass top.

The table creates clean lines that smoothly blends in contemporary and modern homes. Keep the furniture clean, wiping it with a dry clean cloth. Upon its arrival, assembling is a requirement. The coffee table comes with a warranty of 5 years for prolonged use.